Dataset.regridder.horizontal_xesmf(data_var, output_grid, **options)#

Extends the xESMF library for horizontal regridding between structured rectilinear and curvilinear grids.

This method extends xESMF by automatically constructing the xe.XESMFRegridder object, preserving source bounds, and generating missing bounds. It regrids data_var in the dataset to output_grid.

Option documentation xcdat.regridder.xesmf.XESMFRegridder()

  • data_var (str) – Name of the variable in the xr.Dataset to regrid.

  • output_grid (xr.Dataset) – Dataset containing output grid.

  • options (Dict[str, Any]) – Dictionary with extra parameters for the regridder.


xr.Dataset – With the data_var variable on the grid defined in output_grid.


ValueError – If tool is not supported.


Generate output grid:

>>> output_grid = xcdat.create_gaussian_grid(32)

Regrid data to output grid using xesmf:

>>> ds.regridder.horizontal_xesmf("ts", output_grid)