Project Maintenance#

This page covers tips for project maintenance.

Releasing a New Version#

  1. Checkout the latest main branch.

  2. Checkout a branch with the name of the version.

# For release candidates, append "rc" to <version>
git checkout -b <version>
git push --set-upstream origin <version>
  1. Add updates to HISTORY.rst and commit.

  2. Bump version using tbump.

# <version> should match step 2
# --no-tag is required since tagging is handled in step 5.
tbump <version> --no-tag
  1. Create a pull request to the main repo and merge it.

  2. Create a GitHub release.

  3. Open a PR to the xcdat conda-forge feedstock with the latest changes.

Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)#

This project uses GitHub Actions to run the CI/CD build workflow.

This workflow is triggered by Git pull_request and push (merging PRs) events to the the main repo’s main branch.

  1. Run pre-commit for formatting, linting, and type checking

  2. Build conda CI/CD environment with different Python versions, install package, and run test suite